Who else wants to Design their dream life?

Are you..

unhappy, stressed or burnt out because of your job?


wondering if you’ll ever find a career that makes you feel happy to get up for every day? 


sure that you need a career change, but have no idea where to start?

I’ve totally been there!

It’s not that long ago when I felt totally lost! I had just graduated from law school and was working in my first internship at a civil court.

Up until this point I was absolutely convinced that I wanted to pass the bar exam. That was my one and only goal and I’ve worked my butt off to get there!

But most important, I never questioned my decision.

That was until I realized that I absolutely hated what I was doing 3 months into my internship.

I was constantly stressed and genuinly unhappy with myself, even though I’m usually a very positive person.

And suddenly I questioned everything about my career path:

  • Is this really what I want to do for the next 30 or 40 years?
  • Is there another career that makes me feel more fulfilled than this?
  • Why should I put more effort and time into an career path that makes me so unhappy?
  • But on the other hand, I can’t just waste my education, right?

Oh boy, I was confused, frustrated, miserable and lost…

There’s a way out

Feeling all this negativity I decided, it’s time for a change!

And so I started to ask myself how I wanted my life and my future to look like.

I quickly realized that I needed to make a mindset shift before anything else! There’s no point in feeling sorry for yourself and regretting the past.

Instead, there’s only one way and that’s forward!

It took me a few months only to get my mindset to the place where I was confident enough to leave my past education and past work experience behind and focus on the life I really wanted.

Once I got this sorted out, it took me another few years to get from my first career transition to the middle of my current career transition.

I absolutely needed this time to reflect on my values, my interests, my passions. And ultimately I needed this time to try out different things and find the career that really suits me best, namely my own coaching business.

Now it’s time for your journey

I’ve taken all my experience of the past couple of years to create a program that will get you from frustrated with your job to designing a life you love.

If you’re in your mid twenties or mid thirties and you’re wondering: “how am I going to do this job for the next 30 to 40 years?”, then you’re just right.

My proven career clarity program will get you from feeling lost on your career journey to knowing exaxtly what kind of career, business or profession fits you best!


Here’s what you can expect from working with me


You’ll learn how to figure out your strenghts, passions and values in life


You’ll get the tools to find a job you not only need but love. One where you truly want to be. One that makes you happy to get up every day!


You’ll get back your drive because you know what kind of career is aligned with your values because it’s purposeful work that makes you feel fulfilled and accomplished


You’ll be prepared for a smooth and safe career transition into your dream career

I’m now one month into the coaching program with Caroline and I couldn’t be happier! Initially, I was afraid that the tools and strategies might be complex or time-consuming to implement. But that’s not at all the case. Caroline’s tips and suggestions are super simple and easy to implement but make a huge difference! The program is really perfectly customized to my needs. I’m already getting much more done without working more hours, I have a clear plan of where I’m going and I know exactly when I get to work on my side business and when I have time to relax. As a result, I feel much more motivated to get to work and I’m much less stressed. Who would have thought that getting more done would make me feel more relaxed? I’m super excited for the following two months with Caroline!

Vanessa, Key Account Manager, blogger and side hustling IG influencer

Before I talked to Caroline, I simply didn't know what kind of career I should pursue, let alone how to go about it! Caroline's advice helped me in so many different ways. She helped me visualize what my dream life could look like a few years down the road. This helped me clarify what I really wanted, which in turn got me to set goals that are suitable and attainable in short-term and long-term time frames. She also helped me see how I could actually get started in my dream career and how to get experience. Now, it all looks so much more real and doable. I would have never thought of that path myself!

Nathan, Found his passion in coding

How does it work?

My support will be personalized to fit your needs and goals. This means that your program might look different than what’s listed here.

However, this is how working with me will usually look like in order to get you from frustrated and exhausted in your job to finding your dream career.

1. Mindset

The first month is all about your mindset. In this part we’ll go over things like:

  • Create an environment that gives you the mental space to explore your dream career
  • Getting clear on strengths, intrests, passions and values
  • Setting clear goals for the future to work towards your dream career and ultimately your dream life

2. Trying things out

After getting clear in which direction you’d like to develop yourself professionally, you get to try things out during the second month:

  • Building a schedule and block times for exploration
  • Getting in contact with people or organizations where you can try things out in a casual way to see if it’s a good fit for you
  • Trying different things out over the course of a couple of weeks

3. Narrowing down the list

Through trying out all of those different things that are aligned with your interests, strengths and values, you’ll get a better understanding of what feels the best for you. In month three, you’ll learn how to narrow down the list to eventually define your dream career:

  • Defining one or two types of work you enjoyed most
  • Double-checking it with your values, future goals, interests, passions and strengths
  • Deciding on one career that matches all those points
  • Figuring out the easiest way to get started in your dream career

Extension possible…

After working together or three months, you’ll know exaclty what your dream career looks like and you’re ready to get started.

If you’d like to get more support on the actual transition, then I offer a 3-month extension where I’ll guide you through the actual career change.

This means that you get the tools to arrange a slow and low risk transition through:

  • Setting up a schedule and blocking time for you to build up the knowledge for your dream career
  • Arranging part-time in your current job or finding other solutions that allow you to be more flexible
  • Leveraging and schowcasing your current skills perfectly for the career you’re aiming for
  • Getting your dream job or starting the business of your dreams

Ready to find a career you’re happy to get up for every day?

What You’ll get

If you decide to work with me we’ll start off with a 3-month program. Here’s what’s included in this program:


  • weekly 1-hour calls (12 in total)

  • unlimited e-mail support (I’m here for you if you get stuck or lost)

  • weekly assignments customized to your needs

  • Summary and key take aways of our weekly sessions

  • Bonus: audio recordings of our calls

  • Bonus: specific book recommendations and additonal resources tailored to your needs

Frequently asked questions

How is this program different from other career coaching programs?

My 1:1 coaching program is heavily focused on mindset work. Changing careers without having the right mindset in place is like driving your car blind-folded: it might work but most likely it will end up in a disaster sooner or later. In order to successfully transition careers, you first need to get clear what you even want and what your dream career looks like. That’s what we’re focusing on during the 3-month program. Plus, I’ll prepare you for a low risk and steady transition into your new career. So there’s no need to burn all the bridges and quit your current job straight away.

Is this program right for me?

If you’re a high achiever and a go getter who’s successful on paper but feels unhappy deep inside, this program is perfect for you! It’s specifically laid out for people who know it’s time for a change but have no idea where to start.

How many people do you work with at a time?

This is a very intensive program and I want to provide the best possible experience for my clients. This is why I’m currently only working with 5 clients at a time. I can’t always guarantee that there’s a free spot. If that’s not currently the case, you’ll be able to reserve your spot by paying a deposit to secure your spot. If you’re ready, schedule your discovery call right away.

How long will it take until I find my dream career?

I know you’ve been unhappy in your current career for a while and are eager to move forward.

So was I when I realized becoming an attorney isn’t for me.

However, career transition is a process that takes time. Trying to rush it will only result in a backlash later down the road and could lead to you feeling just as unfulfilled in your new roles a few months in.

That being said, we’ll go at your own speed during this program. Some people have a very clear idea of their dream career after a few weeks. For others it takes a few months or even years.

And that’s completely fine!

During our work together you’ll get all the tools you need to transition into your dream career, at your own pace.

I'm ready for coaching, what are the next steps?

I’m so glad that you’re ready to finally find your dream career.

To get started, please schedule a discovery call with me. During this call, we’ll get to know each other and we’ll find out if this program is a good fit for you. If it is, you’ll get the contract right after our call and we’ll schedule our first call to get started asap.

Ready to find your dream career?