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Okay, so I’ll be honest with you: I’ve always wanted to become a millionaire.

Not because I thought that this amount of money would make me happy. But because for me, this amount will allow me to live a life of freedom.

Now, I’m not talking about making a million dollars and then just spending it again. No, I’m talking about passive income.

If you get an average of 5% to 7% on your investment, you’ll be making a decent yearly income off of 1 million dollars.

So, that’s my personal goal for my cryptocurrency investment: I want to get it up to a million dollars and then stake it or put it in a investment fund and get 5% to 7% passive income.

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Okay, so how do you become a millionaire with cryptocurrency?

I’ll break it down for you step by step. I know it sounds cheesy. But it’s actually possible!


Can you become a millionaire with cryptocurrency?

So, let’s start with the first question you probably have: can you even become a millionaire with cryptocurrency?

The straight up answer is: yes, you absolutely can.

Of course it depends on a lot of factors. It would be extremely difficult to get there with a very small investment of a few hundred dollars. But even then it would have been possible if you had invested in Bitcoin very early on.

But that means you would have had to still remember that you owned it (there are countless stories of people throwing their laptop with their Bitcoin wallet away). And you would have to be pretty patient.

Making money with investments has a lot to do with having strong nerves. Especially the crypto market is very volatile. It can go up very quickly. But it can go the other way just as fast.

But if you observe the number one rule of investing – which is to never invest more than you can afford to lose – then you should be able to hold through those lows.

Which cryptocurrency will make you a millionaire?

Now, a question that often comes up is: so, which cryptocurrency will make you a millionaire?

Quite frankly, you could have made millions with a lot of cryptos. Let’s just look at Dogecoin’s recent performance.

If you had invested $10,000 at the end of 2020, when it was at about 0.2 cents, you would now have about 2 million dollars.

Pretty impressive for a few months, huh?

Unfortunately, I missed that opportunity completely. The main reason why I didn’t pay any attention to it is because there isn’t any significant project behind it. It’s basically just a Meme token that was created as a joke. That goes to show that you basically just have to choose a coin that a lot of people are interested in.

For whatever reason…

How many cryptocurrencies should I invest in?

So the next common question is: how many cryptocurrencies should I hold?

I started investing in cryptocurrencies back in 2017 and I made a whole lot of mistakes. One was that I overdiversified.

This means that I held probably between 20 and 30 different currencies and constantly tried to jump on the next thing.

That’s not the way to become a crypto-millionaire.

Probably the fastest – but also riskiest – option is to go all in on one currency. If you have one currency you absolutely love, you could theoretically invest all your money in there.

That’s not what I would recommend to do, though. Because if something goes wrong with that project, all your money is gone.

What I personally do is that I diversify over 4 to 6 cryptos. My 2 biggest holdings are Cardano and Bincance Coin which are also the ones I see most potential in. Then I hold some ETH, some BTC and I recently added some KCS.

In my opinion, that’s the safest way to increase your investment. So, even if one project fails, you still have a bunch of others to back it up.

But you’re also not spread so thin that all of them have to outperform the market.

How much do you need to invest to become a millionaire with cryptocurrency?

Okay, now let’s look at some numbers. How much do you realistically have to invest to become a millionaire with cryptocurrency?

I’ll just take a few random examples to show you that many roads lead to Rome.

I’m not going to make any predictions, because honestly, I have no idea. I do believe that Cardano could go to $10 and BNB to $10,000. But these are just guesses and I have no data or proof to back it up.

So, instead, we’ll look at history to find the best strategies going forward.

1k Investment

With an investment of 1k it would most likely take a bit longer to become a millionaire. But it’s still possible.

If you invested your $1,000 in 2013 in Bitcoin, when the price was at about $100, you’d now have about half a million dollars. Before that it was fairly technical to invest in the currency so earlier than that is not really realistic.

However, if you had invested in Ethereum in the beginning of 2015, when it was at about $1, you’d now have over 2 million.

And you’d in fact already be over one million if you had cashed out in the beginning of 2018, when it was at about $1,500.

There are a couple of other examples that had insane growth in 2018 (that would have made you a multimillionaire with an investment of $1,000).

However, you always need to keep in mind that these are unicorns and it’s difficult to foresee which ones will do this well. Plus, you’d have to hold your investment for a long time even if you’d already made significant gains.

This is what the Ethereum chart looks like between 2015 and now

10k Investment

Now, with an investment of $10k, becoming a millionaire is much more feasible, even if you distribute it over several coins.

For the purpose of this exercise, let’s pretend you had just invested $10k in one coin. Which ones would have made you a millionaire?

As mentioned earlier, you could have achieved that in a mere few months with Dogecoin. If you had invested $10,000 at the end of 2020, when it was at about 0.2 cents, you would now have about 2 million dollars.

Another example is XRP’s performance in 2017. If you had invested $10k in January 2017 when it traded at about 0.5 cents and you had cashed out at the top when it was over $3, you’d have made 6 million.

Crazy to think back at what would have been possible if I had known about it earlier and if I had had the funds.

But well, you’re always smarter in hindsight.

You’d have achieved similar results if you had invested $10,000 in Stellar in January 2017 when it was at about 0.2 cents. If you had cashed out at the top when it was at around 80 cents, you would have made $4,000,000 off of your investment.

This is what the Dogecoin chart looks like between December 2020 and now

50k Investment

Now, let’s look at what’s possible with an investment of $50k.

With this sum, it’s almost easy to become a crypto millionaire.

As you’ve probably seen by now, the percentage growths are insane for some coins. And to become a millionaire with 50,000, you “only” need a 2,000% increase. In a bull market, almost all coins that are in the top 30 or even top 100 get an increase of that sort.

Let’s look at a few examples.

I first bought Cardano in autumn 2017 when it was at 2.7 cents. Unfortunately, I had only invested $54, because I thought, let’s try it out. And it actually reached about the same price again in March 2020. If I had invested 50,000 and had cashed out now in April 2021 when it was at $1.40, I had made over 2.5 million dollars.

Another example is Binance Coin. If you had invested $50k in May 2020 when it was at about $15, you’d have over 1.5 million dollars now that it’s trading at around $500 in April 2021.

And you could have even become a Bitcoin millionaire if you had invested $50k in BTC in January 2017 when it was at about $900 and then cashed out one year later, in January 2018, when it was at about $18,000. If you held on to it until now, you’d be sitting on more than 3 million dollars.

This is what the Bincance Coin chart looks like between May 2020 and now

Is it too late to get “rich” from cryptocurrency?

So, as you can see, becoming a millionaire is totally possible with crypto, even if you only invest a relatively small amount.

However, it also takes some luck to pick the right coins. And some guts to still believe in it when it’s going downhill!

So, another common question people have is: is it too late to get “rich” from cryptocurrency?

So, let’s say “rich” means being a millionaire.

Quite frankly, I don’t know. I’m no financial expert or advisor.

What I do believe though, is that cryptocurrency will play a huge role in our future. I think it will be the internet of currency and money. And therefore, I think there’s still huge investing potential.

I like to compare it to the dot-com era when everything internet was new and scary. But if you look at the charts, the often-referred to dot-com bubble is an almost invisible blip.

So, if you can be patient and wait a couple of years, while sticking to the projects that have use cases and that are actually used by people and organizations, I think you can still make a fortune with cryptos.

This is the main reason why I like Binance Coin so much. The main reason it was built was that through its use, you only pay half of the trading fees when buying or selling coins on Binance exchange. This means, there will be continuous demand for it, especially when the rest of the market rises.

These are just my 2 cents, make sure to evaluate the risk of this volatile market for yourself.


Alright, so this is how to become a millionaire with cryptocurrency.

As you can see, it is totally possible, even if you don’t invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and many people have already made millions in the space.

I’d like to remind you that this is a very volatile market, though. Yes, you can get huge gains. But losses are equally big and there are lots of scams out there as well.

So, always be careful and only invest what you can afford to lose. This is what I think is taking calculated risk and that’s the way to go in the space.

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